Buildings represent a staggering 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions and account for 36% of the world’s energy demand. As a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources and a significant contributor to carbon emissions, the engineering and construction sector has a crucial role to play in combatting climate change.

Until recently, the construction industry’s response to reducing building-related emissions has focused on energy efficiency by reducing operational emissions - the energy used to heat, cool and light buildings. This approach, however, overlooks embodied carbon emissions found in the material and construction processes across a building’s lifecycle, which represents a quarter of the carbon emitted during the life of a building and 11% of all global carbon emissions.

It is critical that efforts increase to quantify, monitor, evaluate and ultimately reduce the embodied carbon emitted throughout the life of a building.

With RIB Carbon Quantifier and through a seamless connection to this data, industry professionals will be able to effectively quantify and measure carbon, facilitating better design and procurement decisions to help the global AEC industry in achieving a lower embodied carbon footprint. 


Extract embodied carbon values quickly and easily

Facilitates the easy extraction of embodied carbon data from Building Transparency's EC3 database against your estimate.

Quantify your project's embodied carbon

Keeps a repository of each estimate’s embodied carbon data for cross referencing and to facilitate easier allocation of carbon values for future projects.

Make informed decisions to reduce impact

Enables the easy export of aligned, quantified data back to EC3 for reporting and dashboarding for informed decision making.

Integrate with any estimating solution

Already using an RIB or any other estimating solution? Import and export your embodied carbon data into your preferred estimating solution.